al-Ākhirah (Arabic: الآخرة,)

"the phrase used in Islam to indicate the belief in eternal life after death."

Akhirah Luxury's custom-designed rings and products give a rounded finish and gleaming effect that gives you a sense of Islamic and Arabic cultural grandeur. To achieve a luxurious finish, we use only the highest quality 18k gold and stainless steel alloys sourced from across the world. Our rings and products truly do embrace the notion of "eternal."


Saffron sapphire / rose royalty

To create the most delectable fragrances and colognes, Akhirah Luxury exclusively utilizes the best oils and components sourced from around the world. Other designer and name-brand fragrances only employ around 15-30% oil concentration, however, Akhirah Luxury creates 40% oil concentrations, which means our perfumes and colognes stay longer than other designer brands. Each of our perfumes is entirely handcrafted and prepared with just the most premium ingredients to ensure an unparalleled luxury aroma surrounds its user.

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